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A Look at Oscar 2016 Superlatives and Records

With The Oscars now officially on the books, it's easy to look at who is the biggest film of the year (The Revenant with 12 nominations) and what the biggest surprises are. However, what's harder to notice is the various records and superlatives that were achieved with the Class of 2015. The following is a rundown of the various achievements that could be found in this year's nominees, including potential records if certain films and artists win. So check out the line-up and enjoy witnessing Oscar history in the making. 

Scene from Spotlight
Multiple Nominations

The following is a list of the only people to achieve multiple Oscar nominations this year.

1. Adam McKay (2)
-Best Director (The Big Short)
-Best Adapted Screenplay (The Big Short)

2. Thomas McCarthy (2)
-Best Director (Spotlight)
-Best Original Screenplay (Spotlight)

3. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (2)
-Best Picture (The Revenant)
-Best Director (The Revenant)

4. George Miller (2)
-Best Picture (Mad Max: Fury Road)
-Best Director (Mad Max: Fury Road)

*NOTE: 4 out of 5 nominees in the Best Director category have multiple Oscar nominations.

5. Sandy Powell (2)
-Best Costume Design (Carol)
-Best Costume Design (Cinderella)

6. Andy Nelson (2)
-Best Sound Editing (Bridge of Spies)
-Best Sound Editing (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)

Jennifer Lawrence in Joy
New Records

1. Jennifer Lawrence (Best Actress - Joy)
-Youngest actor to receive four Oscar nominations.
*Previously held by Jennifer Jones, who received four Oscar nominations by age 27.

2. Steven Spielberg (Best Picture - Bridge of Spies)
-With a total of 9 nominations, he has officially produced more Best Picture nominees than anyone else.
*Previously held by Kathleen Kennedy with 8 nominations.
*He also has the most Best Picture nominations for a director with 11 nominations., right behind William Wyler's 13 nominations.

3. John Williams (Best Original Score - Star Wars: The Force Awakens)
-With 50 nominations, he becomes the most Oscar-nominated person currently living.

4. Ennior Morricone (Best Original Score - The Hateful Eight)
-At 87-years-old, he becomes the oldest person ever nominated in this category.

5. Sylvester Stallone (Best Supporting Actor - Creed)
-With this nomination, this becomes the biggest gap between Oscar-nominated performances for the same character for Rocky Balboa, with the first coming 39 years prior with the Best Picture-winner Rocky from 1977. 
* Previously held by Paul Newman at 25 years, who played "Fast Eddie" Felson in The Hustler (1961) and The Color of Money (1986).
*With this nomination, he also ties with Helen Hayes for second-longest gap between general nominations, and two years shy of the record held by Henry Fonda.
*Only six actors have received multiple Oscar nominations for playing the same role: Stallone, Newman, Bing Crosby, Peter O'Toole, Al Pacino, and Cate Blanchett.

6. Thomas Newman (Best Original Score - Bridge of Spies)
-Along with his brother Randy Newman and father Alfred Newman, he is part of the most nominated family in Oscar history with 89 nominations.

7. Carol
-With 6 nominations, this is officially the most nominated film since the Best Picture category expansion to not receive a Best Picture nomination.
*Previously held by The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Skyfall, and Foxcatcher - each with 5 nominations.
*In all of Oscar history, the record is held by They Shoot Horses, Don't They? with a total of 9 nominations.

8. Mad Max: Fury Road (Best Picture)
-The first fourth installment in a franchise to receive a Best Picture nomination.
*It is also the second sequel in a franchise nominated for Best Picture without any previous entry nominated. 

9. Thomas Newman (Best Original Score - Bridge of Spies) ; Roger Deakins (Best Cinematography - Sicario)
-With 13 nominations each, these two recipients become the most nominated artists in their fields to have never won.

10. Best Original Song
-First year in Oscars history where every nominee was only nominated in this category.

11. Mad Max: Fury Road (Best Picture) ; The Revenant (Best Picutre)
-Along with being the Oscar nomination front runners, these two films are also 4th and 5th films to be nominated in all seven technical fields.
*Other recipients: Titanic, Master and Commander:: The Far Side of the World, and Hugo

9. Racing Extinction (Best Original Song)
-This will be the 22nd nomination for a documentary film outside of the documentary categories.
*Recipient J. Ralph was also nominated under similar circumstances for Chasing Ice in Best Original Song.

Harvey Weinstein

1. Harvey Weinstein
-This is the first year since 2005 in which either of the producer's companies (Miramax, The Weinstein Company) has not been nominated for Best Picture.

Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant
If They Win...

New records or ties that will happen if these films win in their respective categories.

1. Jennifer Lawrence (Best Actress - Joy)
-Will become the youngest person to win 2 Oscars.
*Currently held by Luise Rainer for The Great Ziegfeld and The Good Earth, at ages 27 and 28 respectively.

2. Emmanuel Lubezki (Best Cinematography - Sicario)
-Will set a new record for the Best Cinematography category with three consecutive wins, following Gravity (2013) and Birdman (2014)
*Currently tied with Leon Shamroy, Winton Hoch, John Toll.

3. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (Best Director - The Revenant)
-Will tie with John Ford and Joseph L. Mankiewicz for consecutive wins in the Best Director category.

4. The Revenant (Best Picture)
-Will be the 8th film to win without a screenplay nomination.
*Current recipients are: Titanic, Wings, The Broadway Melody, Grand Hotel, Cavalcade, Hamlet, and The Sound of Music.

5. Eddie Redmayne (Best Actor - The Danish Girl)
-Will be the 3rd male actor to win consecutive Best Actor awards, following last year's The Theory of Everything.
*Current recipients are: Tom Hanks (Philadelphia, Forrest Gump) and Spencer Tracy (Captains Courageous, Boys Town).

6. Cate Blanchett (Best Actress - Carol)
-Will be the 4th female actor (and 7th actor in general) to win three Oscars.
*Current female recipients are: Katharine Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman, and Meryl Streep.

7. The Big Short (Best Picture) ; Spotlight (Best Picture)
-If any other film wins, it will be the first time since Braveheart (or 20 years) since the Best Picture winner was not nominated for Best Ensemble at the Screen Actors Guild (S.A.G.) Awards.

8. The Revenant (Best Picture)
-New Regency's producer Arnon Milchan will set a new record for most consecutive Best Picture wins (as producer), following his work on 12 Years a Slave and Birdman.

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