Tuesday, October 18, 2016

"Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk" Will Only Have 2 Screens Showing Its Intended Version

Scene from Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk
For those keeping tallies on reviews for upcoming Oscar movies, one should easily be concerned about director Ang Lee's Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk. The general consensus is that the director behind such acclaimed hits as Brokeback Mountain and Life of Pi is unable to strike gold in the ambitious 120 frames per second (FPS) format that his latest film works within. The story has also received some negative reviews, causing worry for anyone expecting the ambitious director to show up big this Oscar season. However, those wanting to take Lee on benefit of the doubt will likely be unable to see the magic of the 120 FPS format. In a recent report, there will only be two actual theaters currently equipped to hand its ambitious nature.

Super Delegates: Merkin Muffley in "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb" (1964)

Peter Sellers
Welcome to Super Delegates, a bi-monthly column released on Tuesdays and are done in part to recognize politics on film, specifically in regards to Oscar-nominated works. With this being an election year in the United States, it feels like a good time to revisit film history's vast relationship with politicians of any era and determine what makes them interesting while potentially connecting them to the modern era. The series plans to run until the end of this 2016 election cycle, so stay tuned for every installment and feel free to share your thoughts on films worthy of discussion in the comments section.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Best Song: "Let It Go" (2013)

Scene from Frozen
Welcome to Best Song, a new weekly column released on Sunday dedicated to chronicling the Best Original Song category over the course of its many decades. The goal is to listen to and critique every song that has ever been nominated in the category as well as find the Best Best Song and the Best Loser. By the end, we'll have a comprehensive list of this music category and will hopefully have a better understanding not only of the evolution, but what it takes to receive a nomination here. It may seem easy now, but wait until the bad years.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Failed Oscar Campaigns: "Mildred Pierce" (1945)

Scene from Mildred Pierce
As awards seasons pick up, so do the campaigns to make your film have the best chances at the Best Picture race. However, like a drunken stupor, sometimes these efforts come off as trying too hard and leave behind a trailer of ridiculous flamboyance. Join me on every other Saturday for a highlight of the failed campaigns that make this season as much about prestige as it does about train wrecks. Come for the Harvey Weinstein comments and stay for the history. It's going to be a fun time as I explore cinema's rich history of attempting to matter.