Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The First "Fences" is Here for Oscar Season to Like It

Scene from Fences
As October approaches, it's time to take the Oscar season a lot more seriously. Earlier this week, we saw Martin Scorsese join the race with Silence. Other films like La La Land and Moonlight have been receiving acclaim at various film festivals ahead of their releases. While it is likely that most of the surefire nominees are already known, director Denzel Washington's Fences has released its first teaser to suggest that things aren't as locked up as they appear. Based on an August Wilson play (who also wrote the screenplay), it's a story of a father's struggle with race relations and family in the 1950's. To say the least, it's intense, and sure to get Washington and co-star Viola Davis easy access to the nominations circle this Fall.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Super Delegates: Bill Clinton in "The War Room" (1993)

Scene from The War Room
Welcome to Super Delegates, a bi-monthly column released on Tuesdays and are done in part to recognize politics on film, specifically in regards to Oscar-nominated works. With this being an election year in the United States, it feels like a good time to revisit film history's vast relationship with politicians of any era and determine what makes them interesting while potentially connecting them to the modern era. The series plans to run until the end of this 2016 election cycle, so stay tuned for every installment and feel free to share your thoughts on films worthy of discussion in the comments section.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Martin Scorsese Joins the Oscars 2016 Race as "Silence" Gets a Release Date

Scene from Silence
If you're an Oscar fan, you'll know how busy the Christmas season is. In the few weeks leading up to December 25, these heavyweight films will be opening: La La Land, Miss Sloane, Collateral Beauty, Fences, The Founder, Rogue One, and A Monster Calls. That doesn't include any potential shifts or changes that will likely come between now and then. However, the one major news that should be met with equal excitement and dread of having to cram yet another movie into the holiday season comes from director Martin Scorsese. With many speculating when his latest Silence was going to be released, it officially has a late December release. Speaking as it's worked out nicely for him before with The Aviator and The Wolf of Wall Street, one can only imagine that this is a good sign of things to come.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Best Song: "We Belong Together" (2010)

Scene from Toy Story 3
Welcome to Best Song, a new weekly column released on Sunday dedicated to chronicling the Best Original Song category over the course of its many decades. The goal is to listen to and critique every song that has ever been nominated in the category as well as find the Best Best Song and the Best Loser. By the end, we'll have a comprehensive list of this music category and will hopefully have a better understanding not only of the evolution, but what it takes to receive a nomination here. It may seem easy now, but wait until the bad years.