Monday, October 12, 2015

Check This Out: Watch Paul Thomas Anderson's Latest Right Now

A few months ago, it was mentioned that director Paul Thomas Anderson was working on a documentary that followed the journey of his frequent collaborator and composer Jonny Greenwood can Junun. It has been making the rounds at various film festivals, which doesn't help since most people cannot attend. However, there's some good news for those who have been waiting for the director's follow-up to last year's Inherent Vice. You can now watch it online. All it requires is signing up for a website (it's legit, I swear).

Mubi is a website that streams various movies for up to 30 days. Unlike, say, Netflix or Amazon, these are more independent and foreign-based films that aren't as readily available. For instance, the website is currently offering movies such as A Women Under the Influence, Oldboy, and Mysterious Skin. You can watch these for free once you sign up for the website. As time goes on, the films will rotate and new titles will be added for your viewing pleasure.

The catch is that you have two subscription models to choose from. There is $4.99 for one month, or $3.99 for an entire year. The incentive is to save the consumer money long term. However, you are then given an option that will benefit you. While it is a paying service, you have the option to recommend friends to the website through e-mail or social media. Based on how many people subscribe, you can get a free month per user. If you're popular, it will work out pretty well for you.

I am sure that Mubi is using Junun as a major boost for their website. For good reason, too. Since Anderson is already an acclaimed director, it adds incentive to sign up for a website that offers quality services. The only question is if this will have a long term effect, or if things will taper off. However, I am excited to see Junun and see if it's as good as his fictional films. So, if you're interested, just visit Mubi's website and give it a try. Feel free to leave your opinions in the comments.

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