Friday, August 21, 2015

Paul Thomas Anderson to Debut Jonny Greenwood Documentary at NYFF

Jonny Greenwood
It's no secret that I love Paul Thomas Anderson as a director. His work has been some of the high points of every Oscar season, even as films like The Master and Inherent Vice fail to get the momentum they deserve. However, another key reason that Anderson is particularly great is because of his collaborators, specifically composer Jonny Greenwood. Over his past three films, the two have created some of the most intense and immersive soundtracks to grace the film world. That is why it makes plenty of sense that Anderson will be releasing a new documentary about his collaborator this Fall with premieres at upcoming festivals. 

For those who don't know Greenwood, he is a musician who started out as the guitarist for Radiohead. From there, he began to get into even more experimental projects that eventually lead him to film. Among his projects was Anderson's iconic There Will Be Blood, which features one of the most divisive scores in recent years. With a string-heavy score that pierces each note, it is an acquired taste that compliments the equally surreal imagery on the screen. The duo have only gotten more interesting with a more ambient sound for The Master and a noirish score for Inherent Vice. It is a shame that as Anderson continues to rack up attention and Oscar nominations, Greenwood remains largely ignored. There's even a point of argument to be made that his work for There Will Be Blood was disqualified for featuring preexisting music.

While this film isn't set to be about their collaborations specifically, it will focus on Greenwood as he goes about recording a new album. It will be Anderson's first major foray into documentary film making. The project is called Junun and will focus on Greenwood's work with Israeli composer Shye Ben Tzur. While this news itself wasn't actually hidden, the documentary was. Clocking it at under an hour, it plans to be a look into the creative process and will hopefully give us a better idea as to what makes Greenwood so eccentric in his style. For all we know, this may help to influence whatever Anderson film is coming out next.

The film is set to premiere at the upcoming New York Film Festival with no official release date announced.

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