Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Check This Out: "Gravity" to Get Silent Treatment with New Special Edition Release in 2015

It seems like strange timing, but now is a great time to hop on a rocket ship and go out into the depths of space. With Interstellar taking us to the far regions of the universe, it is easy to forget about the scrappy, simpler blockbuster from last year that won over audiences with nothing more than two actors floating around as space debris hit them. I'm of course talking about director Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity, which went on to sweep the Academy Awards with Best Director, Best Original Score (Steven Price) and a whole lot of technical wins. However, there's some big news coming for those that found the soundtrack to be too distracting. Coming in early 2015, you can officially see what the film would be like if you removed the Price score. It may seem like a very big gimmick, but one that should make for a fascinating alteration of the film.

I love Gravity plain and simple. It is one of those visceral experiences that is very much deserving of its big screen canvas. It is a film that works beyond a simple plot and turns into a fascinating journey of survival. To experience that loud sounds banging from the stereo systems is to be immersed in the feeling of cinema. With that said, the bombastic nature of Price's score is a little confusing for those that feel cheated by the film's initial statement of there being "no sound in space." True, the music serves as an exterior driving force, but it does also become distracting at times. While it works as the triumphant closer of the film, it also doesn't do much justice for the rest. 

This is the inspiration for the upcoming special edition of the film known as Diamond Luxe edition. Along with the original film, audiences will officially have the chance to see the film without accompanying music. Speaking as someone who wrote an entire piece comparing the different versions of Nebraska, this is something that has gotten me a tad pointlessly excited. However, I want to make some points for those that choose to watch the "silent" version prior to the original, music-filled version that has been commonly associated with the film.

I believe that it is recommended to see the original first. While there is little chance that you would be watching it on a big screen, the film is intended as this wild, loud thrill ride through space. Yes, it does seem contradictory to flat out claim that there's no sound in space, but we have to listen to this Price score. It also doesn't even work on its own merits. However, it makes for something immersing. It may help it to see way too generic at times, but it is how the film was sold. It should be seen in said version before going any further As for myself, I believe that the silent version is going to be a very interesting venture because the emotional beats will be more implicit and thus stand a harder chance of being immediately scary. I worry that the thriller nature of the film will be lost, but I presume that they will do a good job of making the quiet moments not so shoddy.

The Diamond Luxe version is currently available for preorder on Amazon and should be released on February 10, 2015. 

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