Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Check This Out: Watch the Videos from this Year's Academy Awards' Governors Ball

This past weekend, the Academy held the annual Governors Awards. Every year, honorary awards are handed out to selected individuals who have made an impact in the realm of film. As discussed when this year's selections were announced, this year's line-up is fairly impressive and features a mixtures of performers and animators that we owe a great deal of respect to. Thanks to the people over at The Oscars' Youtube page, you can watch highlights of the night's biggest events, including introductions and speeches from the recipients. Click the jump to see videos of the many winners from that night's ceremony.

The remainder of this post is going to be specifically the videos that are available to watch for free. This equals roughly 46 minutes total when combined. Please enjoy.

Here is a rundown of the videos that are part of this playlist (in order):

1. Liam Neeson honors Maureen O'Hara
2. Clint Eastwood honors Maureen O'Hara
3. Maureen O'Hara receives an Honorary Award
4. John Lasseter honors Hayao Miyazaki
5. Hayao Miyazaki receives an Honorary Award
6. Philip Kaufman honors Jean-Claude Carriere
7. Jean-Claude Carriere receives an Honorary Award
8. Chris Rock honors Harry Belafonte
9. Susan Sarandon honors Harry Belafonte
10. Harry Belafonte receives Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award

If you are interested in the honorary awards ceremony, which unfortunately isn't part of the actual Academy Awards Ceremony anymore, please take some time out of your busy day to watch these videos and recognize the talent who have helped to shape the modern era of film and culture. They mean a whole lot and sadly don't get the recognition that they deserve compared to the winners from any given year's race.

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