Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Directors Project: An Update on Formatting and Release Dates

Orson Welles in Citizen Kane
As many of you are likely to notice, things have been quiet here at The Oscar Buzz in the past month. The most notable reason is that there isn't much discussion of the upcoming Oscar season to discuss (and frankly, not any good movies worth discussing either). While I do hold out the hope of releasing at least one post per week, I am also in the midst of preparing for this summer's elaborate, grandiose The Director Project (read information here). Besides the points value system, there hasn't been a discussion of launch date. It comes with great joy that I am here to announce the weekly schedule for this event.

To summarize, this is an attempt to help you better understand how I perceive cinema and even give myself a better respect of who I like as well. While I have been eagerly tracking down loose films to watch to see what makes the cut, I still have a lot that I would like to be suggested. It turns out that my current list has been established of a mixture of familiar art house favorites, some Oscar winners, and a slew of classics. It is an impressive bunch, but I wouldn't mind more diversity. So please, suggest directors or films that you feel are worth giving a look.

With that said, I have taken some time to look into a reasonable way to compile the data without making things seemed force. Basically, the following will be a rundown of dates that will help you to understand where I will be throughout the next few months.

The consideration process will be closed on Sunday, May 25. This is to allow as close to a month as possible to allow me to then look at the information compiled and then go through the points system and rank everything. This will mean that whatever rankings on Flickchart or IMDb that I have will be unable to be changed from that date. This will prove problematic, as Flickchart ranking is particularly meticulous and is currently impossible for me to condone as a proper representation of my 1000 favorites.

From there, I will work on posts that will drop Monday through Friday, presumably around midnight. Running for 10 weeks, I will release posts that feature a highlight of two sequential directors. Each entry will include a breakdown of the points values as well as where each eligible film ranked in the Top 1000 on Flickchart. This will include an accompanying picture and paragraph in which I share my thoughts on each director.

Here are the complete dates:

May 25 - Deadline for submissions
June 23 - Official launch
August 29 - The conclusion

There may be additional coverage made throughout the upcoming months. However, I look forward to whatever will come from this entire venture. If anything, it will make for a great summer project. It will produce content and hopefully will get all of you discussing your thoughts. I am looking forward to it. I also hope to maintain regular coverage and potential think pieces as they become relevant topics. 

Thanks for continuing to read and support my work. Hopefully this project works out and becomes a worthwhile investment. So please, I ask you to give me suggestions of films to check out and help to make my list as diverse as possible. So until the next update, I hope that you're looking forward to it and if you have any suggestions on how to improve my potential project, let me know.

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