Saturday, March 8, 2014

Announcing: The Director Project

It isn't strange to think that I am one who enjoys recognizing those involved with the film making process. I have spoken at length before on directors and have even highlighted a few of them in the past. With The Oscar Buzz currently entering free time, I have decided to attempt to do just that once again with The Director Project. What is it? It is an attempt to make a list of filmmakers spanning the entirety of the medium and rank the Top 50 that I feel have impacted my views on how celluloid operates. Find out more after the jump.

It is hard to make a definitive list of anything. For starters, an average year of ranking Top 10 films is impossible, as there are some darlings that must be killed. While I do enjoy it, the prospect of making any kind of Top 10 and having it appeal to those interested in Oscars is a little ludicrous. My tastes are rapidly different from an average voter and while 12 Years a Slave made my Top 10, it was among several other films that I liked more. So instead of talking about the films, I am going to highlight those that I feel are worthwhile.

Please note that as a student of film, I haven't seen all of the greats just yet. There are many directors who are likely to miss out simply because I haven't seen any Tarkovsky or Ozu. However, there are also a ton of no names that I love that I don't realize I love because their body of work doesn't quite encompass name recognition. That, at its heart, is the inspiration for this list. 

To compensate for the lack of content, I want to make this a massive ordeal that will take place for five weeks from this upcoming June (launch date TBA) until its conclusion. I am giving advanced warning as to allow for any updates or changes to be announced in a reasonable fashion. I also wouldn't mind if you, the reader, would share a list of filmmakers to check out before compiling this list in its entirety. Do know that with my busy schedule, it is likely that I won't see all of them, but I do plan to have a justifiable list by the end of April ready to launch. More details will unfold as the date approaches.

How will I be compiling this list? I will be researching specific sources that have already reflected my personal tastes. The two major resources will be IMDb and Flickchart. Why these sources? For starters, IMDb is where I have rated close to every film that I have ever seen. While some ratings have changed over times, majority are set in stone. Flickchart is also where I rank majority of films. In the case of the latter, I will award point values to the films ranking in my Top 1000.

Based on their placement on either list, I will give a points value that will go straight to the director. For instance, in the case of Flickchart, the value will increase by 10 the further up from 1000 a film goes. Likewise, every film in the IMDb ratings will receive points on their 1-10 star scale with 100 being the maximum points. From there, calculations and rankings will occur. For directors with multiple films towards the top of the list, this will help to establish a dominating point value. Yes, this will mean directors with more substantial work, such as Woody Allen, will likely benefit in this regards, but I cannot wait to see who else makes the cut. It also means that directors with singular efforts are likely to rank lower or not at all.

I cannot wait to get this project underway, though I know it will be a massive undertaking. I hope to release a given 10 in each week until we reach #10-1. I hope that this will make better sense of me as a film lover as well as start discussions on who I should be watching or what is out there. At very least, it will make the summer a lot more enjoyable and fill my time with something worthwhile. 

So please, share your list of filmmakers worth checking out and I hope to get around to them as I begin getting ready to compile my list in the upcoming weeks.

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