Wednesday, March 2, 2016

An Open Letter From The Oscar Buzz

Clara Bow in Wings
As  you likely can tell, this year's Oscars season is at end. With my wrap-up coverage pretty much finished too, you're likely wondering what's the point of sticking around. Unless big news breaks, there isn't going to be too much to fuss over. However, in keeping with tradition, I am planning to do an annual hiatus. Well, not a hiatus in the traditional (even for me) sense. It will be more of a scaled-back output in which my content will be released weekly as opposed to daily so that I can spend some time working on other endeavors in other fields. What does this all mean? Well, I'll give you some ideas after the jump.

I am sure that you are just as exhausted as me from talking about this Oscars season. As much as I love it, the months leading up to the ceremony are grueling and time consuming. It is why I usually set aside time over the next month to take a break and think about other things. Usually this means bringing everything to a standstill. However, the past season has thankfully garnered me a series of columns that I am too invested in to merely ignore. In a compromise, I will be writing less - but I will still be doing specific columns.

Before I dive into what will be sticking around, I am going to share what is going to disappear for the month of March. The first is Birthday Take, which is a column that I enjoy doing, but has been hit and miss in terms of general output. I know that technically means that I will never be able to cover a March birthday in this website's run, but it's just what it is. The other is Theory Thursday, which is probably one of the more time consuming columns that I do. I need time to recharge my batteries and come up with better ideas for the column. I am also ending Failed Oscar Campaigns for the season with intents to start it back up in September/October.

So, what is sticking around? If you're loyal enough, you'll already pick up on what's left. On Sundays, there will still be Best Song - the weekly attempt to listen to and rank every Best Original Song winner. If you haven't been following, I am going to be critiquing the year 1982 this upcoming week. The only other major column that I intend to keep running is Nothing But the Best, in which I write elaborate essays regarding every Best Picture winner. Speaking as I am approaching the one year anniversary of this column, there's not too many left. However, March has a few to cross off of the list. For those interested, look for these columns in or around these dates:

March 3 - The Sound of Music
March 15 - The Godfather
March 30 - Chariots of Fire
April 2 - Patton

Otherwise, there isn't much really to announce. I hope to keep everyone updated with important news, obituaries, and maybe a few movie reviews if something comes out (for instance, maybe Knight of Cups). At best, I am expecting to write maybe 3-5 pieces a week max. During this time, I will look into considering potential expansion of The Oscar Buzz coverage and possibly a summer series. I don't exactly know what it'll be. Otherwise, you can find me over on my Optigrab website covering movies and TV, currently recapping TV shows like Better Call Saul, Girls, Bob's Burgers, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (more to come). It's not nearly as nifty or focused as The Oscar Buzz, but I do cover less prestigious stuff there.

So please, take this time to enjoy your life and whatever you do for leisure. I am hoping that this time will be able to give me plenty of great stuff to write about in the future and possibly expand my audience, as I feel like it proved successful over the past year. Again, I want to thank those who have supported my work and made this an enjoyable Oscar season. I hope that it was fun for you and that your favorite films won. I thought that it was a great year and I can only hope that next year will be the same.

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