Monday, October 12, 2015

Johnny Depp Reportedly Doesn't Want to Win an Oscar

Johnny Depp in The Pirates of the Caribbean
By now, you likely have your own opinions on Johnny Depp as an actor. You either buy into his ability to camouflage into character at the drop of the hat, or find that he often chews scenery a little too heavily. For whatever it's worth, he remains an impeccable presence, and one that was destined for a comeback with Black Mass, in which he plays mob boss Whitey Bulger. Some are even questioning if an Oscar nomination for his role is in there near future (I'm not) since it is a return to form. I hate to break it to you prognosticators, but Depp is the latest actor to come public on not caring about having an Oscar. It's not entirely for the reasons you'd think.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, the actor claimed that he didn't want to win an Oscar. However, it's not that he doesn't appreciate his three previous nominations. In fact, he says that he is honored to have been. Yet the reason that he doesn't want to is because that he is a little nervous when it comes to public speak. He claimed that he doesn't want to talk. Considering that he isn't known for having the best success rate with public speaking. He is an actor that would rather work on his craft. Maybe it's a sign that he is humble, or simply just doesn't care.

There have been a handful of actors over the years who have publicly claimed to dislike The Oscars. There have been infamous speeches by the likes of George C. Scott and Marlon Brando decrying Hollywood's treatment of success and making acting into a competition. Among the more recent was Joaquin Phoenix, who infamously claimed to interviewer Elvis Mitchell that the campaigning process was like eating a carrot. While it sabotaged his chances, he still earned a Best Actor nomination for The Master

So, what do you think of Depp's comments? While they are not shocking or offensive, they do reflect an unpopular trend in Hollywood. While the award has often been considered to hold value to these performers, their comments about competition reflect something more inherent about them as individuals. They didn't get into the game for competition, but for craft. While Depp is hardly a big offender, it's interesting to hear that one of this season's potential front runners doesn't care as much as you do. Here's hoping that it isn't because his work has been largely lackluster in recent years, and thus is more bitter, and more because of his seriousness as an actor.

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