Monday, August 17, 2015

The "Carol" Teaser is a Sultry and Beautiful Debut for the Potential Oscar Contender

Cate Blanchett
It seems like we have been collectively talking about director Todd Haynes' Carol for eons now. Since its premiere this past summer at Cannes, it has been sparking a lot of debate with many prospecting that it will, in fact, be receiving an Oscar nomination at very least for Cate Blanchett. With the tale of lesbian love with co-star Rooney Mara, the film has sparked interest as the director's return to film (he most recently did the HBO miniseries Mildred Pierce). Well, after months of fretting and speculating, there's some good news. There's officially a first trailer that is sure to get you hooked in the ecstasy of its two leads.

Speaking as I have been one of those talking about Carol for months now without any substantial news beyond a changed release date, I don't exactly have much new opinion to add to the conversation. Much like everyone, I have mostly been excited to see what Blanchett and Mara will bring to the roles. It's not a movie with a lot of meaty subtext to chew on before seeing. In my opinion, it is hard to get hyped about it because the plot is severely simple: two women fall in love. That's all that can really grab you. 

So, instead of pretending that I have any insight, let's just watch the trailer:

Looks pretty good. I have to admit that this only restates my thought that this is a tough movie to write hype pieces for. In the case of this teaser, it only reaffirms what the film is about. Thankfully, it looks very lovely and I am glad to see that the final payoff is quite exceptional. Even the way that the actresses enunciate their lines has a certain sultry tone to it. As the song kicks in, there's nothing left but a passionate romanticism that captures something special. In a way, it feels sort of retro and nostalgic in ways at very least make it feel alluring. There's a lot of laughing and good times without much plot revealed.

If anything, I am glad that this looks as good as I presumed it would. I don't have much further insight into it other than it is a very well put together trailer. It gives me enough to become curious and excited to see if this film can in fact be as good as the Cannes reaction claims it was. The trailer is beautiful and magnetic in ways that I was expecting and I still come away wanting to see more of Carol. This may not be the most complicated teaser, but it is probably one that does its job the best in raising interest for the film.

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