Friday, May 29, 2015

Watch This: Check Out the First Eight Minutes of "Aloha"

Left to right Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone
Well, after initial buzz that director Cameron Crowe's latest Aloha could have been his return to the Oscars race, it looks like it may not be happening now. If the critics' reviews are to be believed - or at least serve as a quality barometer - this is not going to look too well. With discussion of a ridiculous third act plot device and incompatible chemistry between Oscar nominees Bradley Cooper (Best Actor - American Sniper) and Emma Stone (Best Actress - Birdman), this may prove to be a little more challenging. With critics aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes pinning the movie at a lowly 19%, it may be looking closer to the Razzies at this point. However, if you are on the fence about seeing it, Sony has giving you a little enticement. That is, you can watch the first eight minutes for free right now.

It does seem a little suspect that following the very bad and mocking reviews that Sony decided to share the video. However, with video on demand markets starting to feature some of the better options for quality entertainment, internet content shouldn't be as scoffed at as it used to. So instead of telling you what the film is about, check out the first eight minutes and share your personal thoughts on if you will be seeing it this upcoming weekend.

Does this look like a desperate tactic to get audiences to see a film that stars two noteworthy performers? It's hard to say, especially since the video isn't eight minutes long and a quarter of it is opening credits. It's enough to spark interest, but is it enough to get people to see it on a weekend featuring a lot of bigger blockbusters with better reviews and more attention. Either way, it looks like Cameron Crowe will need to work a little harder to get back into the Oscar game if he can't make it work with two big Oscar-nominated performers.

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