Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Few Words on the Return of The Oscar Buzz

Scene from All the King's Men
Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to formally announce the return of The Oscar Buzz blog after a one month hiatus. You are likely wondering what has been going on in the time in between the final Oscar recap and now. It has been a personal moment to get my affairs in order and potentially come back ready for an enjoyable summer. While we're still months off, I would like to say that The Oscar Buzz is back... with a soft launch as it were. While it will be awhile until the coverage likely picks up, I do plan to return to delivering a few pieces weekly and hopefully coming up with yet another summer series on par with The Directors Project (though more organize). What will it be? Who knows. However, I do have some announcements to make, which can be read after the jump.

Welcome back. I have missed writing for everyone weekly about all things Oscars. There's so much that I have missed, including the potential cutback of the Best Picture category as well as various trailers and tidbits that are likely going to interest readers. For that, I unfortunately will not be catching you up on unless they become relevant topics once again. For now, I will be unveiling new features for The Oscar Buzz. While I will not have Failed Oscar Campaigns return until the fall, I will be more attentive to covering a wide array of topics related to the awards, maybe even additional coverage for film festivals such as Cannes.

But enough with the preambles. What should you expect to see in the time coming back to this website? Here's a few things:

1. Birthday Take - A column dedicated to celebrating Oscar nominees and winners' birthdays by focusing on an achievement whether in performance, directing or other that has captured my interest. The trick will be to try and not repeat films, though it will become tricky as the names begin to drop off. Up first will be today's entry about Michael Fassbender, who turns 38. You can easily guess what that movie is.

2. The Retrospective Project (tentative title) - Now that I have seen all of the Best Picture winners, my next goal is to attempt to write a retrospective piece regarding each film on their anniversaries that will provide insight into the plot as well as personal opinions on each film and why it is or isn't deserving of its title. I do not expect this to be done within one  calendar year, though I will do my best. There will be a special 10th anniversary piece for Crash coming next month.

3. Obituaries - The one unfortunate thing about The Oscar Buzz is that I haven't really paid too much attention to the passing of many fine Oscar winners. My goal is to pay tribute to their fine work while hopefully giving the lesser known names necessary recognition to my readers.

4. Oscar Songs - A weekly column that will begin running on Sunday in which I go chronologically through the years and listen to the Best Original Song nominees. I will also provide commentary on each nominee and my overall thoughts of the category and winners. As the Oscar season arrives, I may unfortunately put this column on hiatus. You will know when and if that happens.

And as usual, I will be providing coverage of smaller films that I feel will be worth your time. The rest of the routine will be familiar for those who have been loyal readers. I want to thank you during this brief moment of fresh air and I look forward to providing more excellent content in the future. I hope to also have a summer event column started, though I will share the news with you when I have finalized the details.

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