Friday, January 9, 2015

Save the Date: Oscar Nominations Announcement to Be Presented in Two Parts

J.J. Abrams
In case you were worried about the Oscars seeming too much of an old hat nowadays, they have done an incredible job to anticipate otherwise. Along with MC MVP Neil Patrick Harris hosting and a group of solid writers backing him up, 2015 looks to be way way different from what you'd expect. However, there's been some exciting news for those who are awaiting the moment when those nominees are finally announced. For the first time ever, all 24 categories will be announced in a live public event in two parts. What does this mean? It's actually something kind of exciting.

Every year, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences announce their nominations at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills, CA. This year is no exception. Well, kind of. While the average press event features performers and studio heads announcing the main categories, this year plans to do them in two installments.

Part 1 of the event will be held at 5:30 AM on Thursday, January 15. It will be presented by last year's Best Director winner Alfonso Cuaron (Gravity) and J.J. Abrams. They will be in charge of presenting 11 categories that include the "less important" fields including technical and behind the scenes productions. 

These categories are: 

Best Animated Film 
Best Documentary
Best Documentary Shot 
Best Film Editing 
Best Original Song 
Best Production Design 
Best Animated Short 
Best Live Action Short 
Best Sound Editing 
Best Sound Mixing 
Best Visual Effects

The most anticipated categories are scheduled to follow in Part 2 around 5:38 AM on Thursday, January 15. It will be presented by actor Chris Pine and AMPAS President Cheryle Boone. They will announce 13 categories.

These categories are:

Best Actor 
Best Actress 
Best Supporting Actor 
Best Supporting Actress 
Best Cinematography 
Best Costume Design 
Best Director 
Best Foreign Film 
Best Makeup and Hair
Best Original Score 
Best Adapted Screenplay 
Best Original Screenplay
Best Picture

The idea seems novel and one that is likely to show signs of what this new ambitious year for Oscars will feature. While Harris seems like a definite highlight, this two part announcement has plenty of charm that is likely to influence future announcements, whether it be positive or negative. However, it is nice to know that come next week, there will be a lot to dissect early in the morning. The only question now (besides who will make the list) is if the production is going to be the same or if we can expect some sort of a spectacle.

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