Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Check Out the First Trailer for "Still Alice"

Julianne Moore
I have already given my review for the amazing new film Still Alice. The film is a highly effective and powerful drama that will likely get Julianne Moore that Best Actress statue at the Oscars. While I don't plan to rehash my sentiments at length here, I want to simply share the news that there has finally been the release of a trailer for the film about a woman with early Alzheimer's disease. It is powerful and thankfully, the trailer does an excellent job depicting what you can expect to get, which is a very overwhelming amount of emotions.

As someone who has already seen the film, I can attest that this trailer isn't misleading. It also doesn't feature too many spoilers. Of course, what is a spoiler in a film that is based around a predictable premise? Nonetheless, it appears that the studios have heard my cries of marketing and are starting their push to make this film into a reality. I am hoping that it becomes more successful. With the upcoming release of the Golden Globe nominations, I can only hope that this film starts getting some Best Picture love. I sincerely believe that it is capable of more than a Best Actress nomination.

Check out the trailer below:

Great stuff. Watching this trailer made me think of the film and the power that it had over me as I watched it. For those who feel captivated by what footage is here, do know that you'll be in for a treat. It will destroy you, but it will be worth it. I will likely be talking about it more as awards season goes on, so make it part of your planner to go see it when it rolls into a theater near you.

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