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The Directors Project: #36 - Krzystof Kieslowski

Scene from Cinema Paradiso
With the many lists and essays written on the subject of film, there has been one thing that The Oscar Buzz has tried to understand: Who is my favorite of the film world? For 10 weeks this summer, I will be exploring this with a countdown of the Top 50 names based on a numerical ranking of ratings from various sources, the following is a list of directors who rank above everyone else. With occasional upsets, this is intended as both a discussion opener as well as a better understanding of me as a film critic and fan. Please enjoy and leave any comments you have regarding the entry's selection.


Years Active: 1965-1994

Films as Director: 13

Oscar Wins: 0

Who: One of the premiere directors of international cinema, he helped to turn cinema into a form of art through metaphorical tales that subjugated everyday life in contrast to bigger themes whether dealing with French politics or the bible's 10 Commandments. Along with ambitious cinematography that gorgeously captured atmosphere trough stark color designs, he was a poet who made the whole world more beautiful. He could be visceral, ambitious, and able to present the world in new ways. He was funny, smart, an often able to convey with visuals better than his counterparts. He made his most famous work at the end of his career and The Three Colors Trilogy serve as an amazing love letter to life in ways that in many ways remain unsurpassed.

Scene from Blue
-- Red (1994) --

Flickchart Ranking: #18 (900 points)
IMDb Rating: 7/10 (70 points)
Perks: Three Colors Trilogy (Combined 10 Points)
Total: 970 points

-- Blue (1993) --

Flickchart Ranking: #42 (900 points)
IMDb Rating: 7/10 (points)
Perks: Three Colors Trilogy (Combined 10 Points)
Total: 970 points

-- White (1994) --

Flickchart Ranking: #173 (750 points)
IMDb Rating: 7/10 (70 points)
Perks: Three Colors Trilogy (Combined 10 Points)
Total: 830 points

OVERALL TOTAL: 2770 points

Scene from Red
When starting up The Directors Project, I wanted to expand my understanding of international cinema. Unfortunately, I didn't scratch much into the big well of films that have wondrous beauty. However, it did give me an excuse to watch Krzystof Kieslowski's The Three Colors Trilogy, which after years of hearing acclaim, I had to check out. What I ended up with is possibly one of my favorite movie trilogies alongside Richard Linklater's Before series. The fact of the matter is that with interconnecting themes, the films are gorgeously intricate and organic in their approach to life with subverted contexts that make for wonderfully complex narratives. Almost every shot of each film is a piece of art and the payoff for it has produced films that I now embrace as personal favorites and can only hope that everyone else sees at some point in their lives to understand the potential of cinema.

UP NEXT: The contemporary Frank Capra produces American tales of the average person as they struggle with the economy, politics, and stunted growth.

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