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The Directors Project: #34 - Ridley Scott

Scene from Cinema Paradiso
With the many lists and essays written on the subject of film, there has been one thing that The Oscar Buzz has tried to understand: Who is my favorite of the film world? For 10 weeks this summer, I will be exploring this with a countdown of the Top 50 names based on a numerical ranking of ratings from various sources, the following is a list of directors who rank above everyone else. With occasional upsets, this is intended as both a discussion opener as well as a better understanding of me as a film critic and fan. Please enjoy and leave any comments you have regarding the entry's selection.


Years Active: 1962-present

Films as Director: 21

Oscar Wins: 0

Who: With over 50 years in the business, Scott is one of the premiere blockbuster filmmakers whose filmography has helped to redefine sci-fi in several different ways by meshing genres as well as creating some of the most iconic creature designs. While he isn't as well known as his counterparts Steven Spielberg or James Cameron, his work is equally as influential with its lush beauty. He may not be as well known for making compelling driving narratives, but he delivers on the entertainment field and does so with ease. He is a striking, enigmatic director whose meticulous shots linger with audiences and have helped to define the grand scope of modern film making decades prior to it happening. Along with his production company, Scott Free, he has helped to usher in some of the most captivating, beautiful big budgeted films of the past few decades while also advancing technology and briefly making swords and sandals movies popular momentarily.

Scene from Gladiator
-- Alien (1979) --

Flickchart Ranking: #163 (750 points)
IMDb Rating: 6/10 (60 points)
Perks: None
Total: 810 points

-- Gladiator (2000) --

Flickchart Ranking: #191 (750 points)
IMDb Rating: 6/10 (60 points)
Perks: None
Total: 810 points

-- Matchstick Men (2003) --

Flickchart Ranking: #586 (450 points)
IMDb Rating: 6/10 (60 points)
Perks: None
Total: 510 points

-- Prometheus (2012) --

Flickchart Ranking: #588 (450 points)
IMDb Rating: 5/10 (50 points)
Perks: None
Total: 500 points

-- American Gangster (2007) --

Flickchart Ranking: #896 (150 points)
IMDb Rating: 6/10 (60 points)
Perks: None
Total: 210 points

OVERALL TOTAL: 2840 points

Scene from Matchstick Men
While he is more likely acclaimed for being a technical director with a gorgeous understanding of visuals, I do think that there is something to Scott's longevity. His films have a lasting quality that would extend beyond the picture. He knows how to create atmosphere and even if his characters are debatable in their depth, he makes compelling pictures with a lot of strange, personal idiosyncrasies that pop with life. He also tends to mix the two rather phenomenally, as evidenced in Gladiator, to make for some of the strongest epics in modern film culture. He may seem more impersonal than his counterparts, but along with a penchant for technological advancements and director's cut DVD's, he is an auteur in his own right that still continues to try strange things, though admittedly not always successful.

UP NEXT: One of the founding fathers of horror whose history in theater paved the way for gorgeous set designs and melodramatic monsters.

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