Thursday, June 5, 2014

To Celebrate 20 Years, "Forrest Gump" Will Return to Theaters This September

Tom Hanks
In general, a lot of great things can be said about 1994 in terms of movies. Consider what came out: Pulp Fiction, Quiz Show, The Three Colors: Red, The Shawshank Redemption, and plenty more. It was an amazing year for movies and very few years since has captured the zeitgeist in quite the same way. However, among all of these films is director Robert Zemeckis' Forrest Gump, which celebrates its anniversary a month from tomorrow. To many, including myself, it was an important film to my childhood because it influenced what we said and watched. Its iconography are moments of endearment for me and with Tom Hanks being one of the most likable actors still working, it is easy to see why Forrest Gump is till being talked about.

In honor of the anniversary, Paramount is re-releasing the film in IMAX. Starting September 5, you can catch the film in select theaters. Very little information is available at this time, but for those that love the story, it is an opportune occasion to check it out. While many will undoubtedly be lavishing more praise on Pulp Fiction's anniversary, I am rather excited to see how this film holds up. It is true that technology has advanced so impressively since that some of this feels dated, but disliking a film because of its ambitions is unnecessary. The story of Forrest (Hanks) is a memorable one that is likely to rekindle my love for one of the few 90's Best Picture winners that I still look back fondly on.

For those unaware, this release plan was also done for Raiders of the Lost Ark a few years ago. Having attended it, I can honestly say that it was a great time. Of course, an action-adventure film applies itself more directly to the big screen. An epic of one man's life, not so much. Even then, this is a powerhouse of a film that still remains important to the pop culture conversation. Few people have forgotten its dialogue, or the fact that there is a band and a restaurant chain that came from it. Very few Best Picture winners have that honor.

I will try to keep you updated when more information is made available. For the time being, I am excited about it and hopefully will get around to checking it out when the time comes.

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