Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Directors Project: An Update on Progress

Peter O'Toole in Lawrence of Arabia
I am proud to announce that after some tumultuous effort, I have finalized the selection for the Top 50. Unfortunately, this is predominantly based on point values and made it especially difficult for a lot of filmmakers to even come close to making the cut. With this said, people who have two or fewer films did not make the cut. Even in my attempt for diversity, I ran into complications and favorites that I presumed would make it (Steve McQueen being notable) missed. With all of this said, The Directors Project is still moving forward, but with one new installment being added.

It may seem egregious, but I have decided to include a separate post detailing the "Bottom 50" of my Top 100 list. This will not include the atypical rundown of point values and descriptions that will be serviced with my Top 50. Those will come out at their regularly scheduled time slots. However, what will be of the remaining batch? I feel too terrible to put as much effort into this as I have without acknowledging them. That is why I have decided to expand it with one post.

It may not please everyone to note that directors like Nicholas Ray have missed the cut. If anything, I would like to take this opportunity to open a dialogue with readers. If you have any complaints about my ranking or feel that one should be rated higher (there's many that I would agree with), feel free to share your thoughts. As it stands, I plan to edit together a "special" post to be released at the end of the summer's run that highlights the Bottom 50 in some way. 

Why not do it at the front? Despite my announcement that I have completed the Top 50, it is hard to calculate the point values for directors that culminate in 1000 films. There's plenty of overlap, but there's still 100's to use. I mostly have been going from highest count to lowest. This will take awhile to fully complete and may interfere too much with the scheduled launch date. I do feel that none will interfere with the Top 50 scores, thus I feel confident going forward.

Also, it has come to my attention that the point values that I had posted are a little... off. At one point, I forget to mention the point values for #450-500. Along with a few numerical errors, I have decided to make numbers in this particular range have the assigned point value equal to the subsequent value. So basically, those films will have 450 points if they fall in that range. As for the others, they are minimal type-o's that I promise to fix for those using all of these posts as resources.

Thanks again for your expressed interest. I look forward to launching it and I hope that you enjoy reading them. So until then, I got a lot of work ahead, and I better get to formatting the posts. That doesn't mean that I won't be sharing other posts. Keep an eye out for those as well.

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