Saturday, January 14, 2017

Oscars to Try New Approach to Announcing Nominees

Cheryl Boone Isaacs
It was a year ago today that the 2016 Academy Award nominations were announced. While this year is running a little bit behind schedule (we still have 10 days to go), there's still plenty to look forward to when Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs and a selected group introduce each of the categories that will define conversation for the upcoming weeks. While Oscar fans likely know what to expect, there's going to be one twist this year. It won't exactly be live, nor presented in the format that we've come to expect. That's right, things are going to be a little bit different, and they won't be presented live before a press audience. They will be presented digitally.

While the idea of presenting the categories isn't all that different, there will be some curiosity as to what the changes will be. Isaacs announced this past Friday that they will forgo the live press conference for a digital format that will stream online as well as on various TV networks (check your local listings). The only other major change will not be presented at 5:30 AM PST, but instead 12 minutes earlier at 5:18 AM PST. There is no word about where the actual presentation will be held - it usually takes place in front of Goldwyn - what is known is that Jennifer Hudson, Brie Larson, Emmanuel Lubezki, Jason Reitman and Ken Watanabe will be there with Isaacs to announce each and every nominee.

For those who look forward to watching the broadcast live, it's going to be an interesting change of things. I personally am curious to know if there will be a bigger spectacle, or if it's a simpler and less interesting version of what they currently have. I will miss the reaction of a live audience (which is always great), but I guess it's worth trying out at least once for effect. As someone who loves to wake up early and get the information live, this is always a big deal to me and I definitely will be commenting on the changes (provided that they're significant) on the day of the awards announcement. For now, let's just count down the last 10 days and speculate on what will make the cut. 

Otherwise, see you on January 24 at 5:18 AM PST. Coverage of the announcement will occur throughout the day that follows.

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