Thursday, October 6, 2016

Check This Out: Dug From "Up" Comes to Life in a Park Near You

Scene from Up
There's no denying that Pixar has made some great films. Among their very best is Up, which was best known for the elderly Carl (Ed Asner) tying balloons to his house and flying to a land of wonder. Among those wonders was one of Pixar's greatest characters: a talking dog named Dug. Over the course of the film, his heroic and comedic duties make him one of the most endearing canines in modern cinema. In a campaign launched by Disney (named Disney IRL), they have taken Dug to a place that they've taken most of their other properties: the real world. In a short video that should cheer any gloomy person's day, Dug comes to life in familiar adorable -- squirrel.

The idea is simple: find a dog that looks like Dug and attach a special collar to his neck. The video shows said dog being let loose in a park, interacting with a variety of people. While not nearly as expressive as his cartoon counterpart, the dog manages to baffle and amuse anyone that comes within close proximity to him. What the short does may be pretty obvious, but it is nevertheless charming.

Check out the video below:

While it barely qualifies as Oscar-related content, I am sure that readers could use a little pick-me-up as we head into the week. Dug is one of my favorite Pixar characters, and I enjoyed seeing this little experiment play out. I can only be so lucky to have a talking dog bother me one day while I'm out and about. For now, I have this video that proves the possibilities of Disney. They can bring anything to life with charming results. I can only imagine that Disney IRL will be producing equally charming videos in the near future.

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