Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Jimmy Fallon is Officially This Year's Golden Globes Host

Jimmy Fallon
As the summer winds down, it's time to look forward to awards season. While there's still room for late summer releases to make an impression, most of them have been moved to better release dates. Still, there's one thing that still isn't known: who is hosting the major ceremonies. Well, today brought the release of some good news for those awaiting the Golden Globes. Jimmy Fallon has been announced as this year's host. It's quite a step up over the past few years, which have brought increasingly embarrassing selections that prove that Hollywood's night to let loose should not be aired on TV. On the bright side, Fallon may be a step up from the previous holders of Ricky Gervais or Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Will it be enough to rebound after a few dud years, though?

I will confess that I generally think of The Golden Globes as The Oscars' drunken cousin. They have had A LOT of embarrassing calls, all for the sake of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) to meet all of the cool celebrities. Even then, there has been some allure about watching the ceremony, if for more than potential coverage material. However, I have found myself increasingly turned off by the ceremony in recent years, and last year's host Gervais has sworn me off from watching another year if it stoops to that level of animosity.

I know that there are those who enjoyed the ceremony because of how much Gervais took major celebrities down a peg. That is fine in theory. However, his profane approach quickly devolved into a lack of awareness or care for anyone and soon became one of the worst things on TV in 2016 - and the year wasn't even a month old yet. There was almost no care as The Golden Globes admitted their inferiority, and more than anything failed to be telegenic. It wasn't fun to watch drunk people make fun of each other. Even Denzel Washington didn't care when he won the Cecil B. DeMille award, choosing to stumble over finding his glasses before giving up. I know that people think that awards shows should loosen up, but Gervais' approach is a nightmare that I refuse to watch again. Even Fey and Poehler were borderline obnoxious in that way, barely having a little more dignity than Gervais, but not enough to make for immersive TV.

In all honesty, I do think that Jimmy Fallon may be what the show needs. Much like how James Corden brought a nice boost of community to the Tonys earlier this year, there's something that Fallon could bring to The Golden Globes. He is known for being inclusive and fun with his guests, and there may be a moment to allow the show to feel spontaneous and cooperative. I wish that I could say that I liked him more, but his efforts will likely shine just based on how lacking in animosity he is on The Tonight Show these days. He is friendly and not afraid to poke jabs - but doesn't make the viewer feel miserable in doing so. If anything, I hope this brings a playful side to the equation. 

I am willing to give Fallon a shot, even though I am running out of excuses to watch The Golden Globes after several years of bad hosting. Fingers crossed that things will pan out and he will bring the necessary fun to make it worthwhile TV. If anything, we'll have to wait and see on January 8, 2017, where it will take place at the Beverly Hilton from 8-11 ET/5-11 PT. Check local listings for further information.

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