Sunday, January 3, 2016

Check This Out: "Inside Out" Cuts Out the Emotions for Interesting "Outside Edition"

Scene from Inside Out
There wasn't an animated film that was more acclaimed and beloved than Pixar's Inside Out. For many, it was seen as a return to form for the studio, producing their best work since 2010's Toy Story 3. While its Oscar chances are inevitable (and will be announced later this month), it's intriguing to look back at the film and its form. While the story helped to make an abstract concept about emotions somehow explainable, it's intriguing to wonder if the story that they're telling on the other side holds up. Well, thanks to Jordan Hanzon, it has been edited to exclusively focus on the outside journey. Thankfully, the story is just as impressive without the gimmick, and can be seen after the jump.

While it is highly encouraged that you watch Inside Out before viewing what Hanzon calls "Inside Out Outside Edition," there's not a lot that is inherently lost in the 15 minute video. Where the original film did an excellent job of filling in the gaps for why protagonist Riley thinks the way that she does, the very concept came from director Pete Docter's own confused state following his daughter's transition into her preteen years. Many characters in the film can clearly be seen expressing similar confusion during a time that is likely difficult for everyone. However, the success of the outside story is likely ignored because of how interesting the inside story is. It is only when it's removed that things become clearer.

Check out the video below:

Since Pixar has been heavily praised for their ability to craft excellent stories, it's not a shock that the "Outside Edition" shows just how familiar and focused Riley's own story is. Without that inside commentary, the film plays like the familiar preteen evolution as she moves and tries to start anew. With exception to jerky edits and music cues, the cut is an intriguing experience that proves how mysterious Riley's struggle is. Even if the 15 minutes aren't as exciting without the other component, it feels like the perfect bragging right/Oscar promotional tool for those that think the gimmick of a story based around emotions is only interesting inside Riley's head.

Even if you're not impressed with this, there's no denying that Inside Out is likely going to show up strong this awards season. The only question is really how successful it will be in acquiring Oscar nominations outside of the Best Animated Film category. Will Michael Giacchino's emotional score get a Best Original Score? What about in Best Original Screenplay? While it may be up for debate if Pixar's other 2015 release The Good Dinosaur stands any chance, Inside Out is going to be a tough film to ignore, and this video only makes the case stronger for it.

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