Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Neil Patrick Harris Confirmed to Host the Oscars Ceremony in 2015

Neil Patrick Harris
It is that time again. Every year, there's anticipation for who is going to host next year's Oscars Ceremony. The question has finally been answered. Continuing the trend of former TV stars of the past few years with Billy Crystal, Seth MacFarlane and Ellen Degeneres is How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris. The host of all trades announced via a Youtube in which he marked it off of a bucket list. What is there to expect from this performer and can it top last year's devastating hosting job?

While it seems like the awards ceremony has increasingly become a thankless job incapable of appealing to fans, it does seem like there's a question on who could appeal to the broadest audience. Crystal skewered too old while MacFarlane was too raunchy for most people's tastes. Even Degeneres blew it by ordering pizza and wasting everyone's time. The hosting gig is a piece of a puzzle that is both exciting and disappointing. You can do your best work, but some people will likely find it boring. However, Harris is an interesting component.

As stated earlier, he is a host of all trades. He has hosted the Tony Awards four times while winning Emmys for each. With his song and dance style, he knows how to capture the room's attention with production numbers and a lot of enthusiasm. There hasn't been a showman of that quality hosting the Oscars since Hugh Jackman in 2009. While there's debate on what an actual awards ceremony should do (hand out awards, entertainment is secondary), many believe that being enthralled by a celebration of film through spectacles should be a proponent. Even then, the Emmy wins don't lie and Harris is definitely a name for those who want great entertainment. 

After all, he already opened the Oscars Ceremony in 2010:

Along with twice for the Emmys, this will be the third major awards show that he has hosted. While very little else is known at this time, the news comes as a welcomed sign. Where the past few hosts are relatively new to hosting or have a more laid back style, Harris is entrenched in theater. He can be currently seen in a stage production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch and in a very memorable supporting role in Gone Girl, which is likely to also be an Oscar contender.  He has also been busy promoting his very telling autobiography "Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Adventure." Hopefully he'll find time to put on a great show.

The Oscars Ceremony is scheduled to be held on February 22, 2015 at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles.

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