Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Megan Ellison on "The Master"

Yesterday on Twitter, Annapurna founder Megan Ellison took to her account to mention several things. Among them, the producer of such Best Picture nominees as Her, True Grit, American Hustle, and Zero Dark Thirty made a reference to one of the young studio's most widely talked about films (and the inspiration for The Oscar Buzz). In the post (above), she talks about The Master and her real intentions for making it. As anyone who has seen the film will likely attest, this comment is one of the most heartwarming examples of craft winning over commerce (the film made a little under twice its budget at the box office). 

While this is arguably "not news," it is a comment that greatly warms my heart to hear and small proof that Ellison is one of the most interestingly challenging producers in Hollywood right now. Though you probably could tell for someone who also funded Spring Breakers and Killing Them Softly. Even if you have opposition to some of these titles, her work is audacious in ways that The Weinstein Company used to be. Anyways, I just used this as an excuse to reference The Master and this awesome little post.

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