Sunday, January 13, 2013

An Open Letter from The Oscar Buzz

If you follow Optigrab, my other pop culture-infused blog that covers movies and TV recaps, this will be familiar news. However, due to recent plans, I will be posting an infrequent amount of work. Unlike Optigrab, which is more reliant on availability to modern media, I can probably cover the Oscars with little interference. I expect to have a review of Django Unchained within the next few weeks and hopefully my personal thoughts on Seth MacFarlane's chances at hosting the Oscars. However, the amount of entries between January 13-January 28 will be more sparse and infrequent than regular because I will be travelling abroad in England and will not be consistently connected to a computer. Feel free to enjoy the archives, share your opinions, and make your predictions now! The Oscars are getting closer. Check out the nominees here.

-Thomas (Runner of The Oscar Buzz)

P.S. - Want to follow my UK exploits? Check out the Region 2 Diaries, which will be less traditional than the Oscar Buzz.

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